CONFLICT. CfP for the ASMCF-SSFH PG Study Day 2018

  3 March 2018 The Institute of Modern Languages Research University of London, Keynote: Emile Chabal (Edinburgh) Deadline for abstracts: January 12 2018 Contemporary society is riven by conflict, be it in the public, political or intellectual arena. Even a cursory glance at current news headlines appears to confirm such an assessment, with Donald Trump’s … Continue reading CONFLICT. CfP for the ASMCF-SSFH PG Study Day 2018

A Date With History

On the 9th June, the French Embassy and the Institut français du Royaume-Uni launched an exciting new collaboration with York Festival of Ideas - “A Date with History”. Bringing together leading historians from France and the UK, A Date with History, this first edition addressed historical perspectives on Europe. Seven selected UK students attended this one day conference. Come and read the reports … Continue reading A Date With History

Perspectives on Franco-British Relations

Nigel Ritchie and Katherine Barrowman Renaud Morieux (Cambridge) discussed the notion of ‘foreigners’ in eighteenth century Britain and France. There were times when states could sharpen their distinctions, such as through the creation of the Alien office in Britain in the 1790s, but for the most part ‘foreignness’ varied across the eighteenth century. Certain social groups … Continue reading Perspectives on Franco-British Relations

‘Modern Mobility & Identity’ – ASMCF/SSFH PG Study Day

Session 2 of the last parallel session of the day addressed the question of identity in various ways. First with Bryony Leighton (Oxford), who explored the development of prosthetic design throughout the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries with her paper named 'You're made of metal: Where does the Fle Foot Cheetah running blade sit within … Continue reading ‘Modern Mobility & Identity’ – ASMCF/SSFH PG Study Day