‘Modern Mobility & Identity’ – ASMCF/SSFH PG Study Day

Session 2 of the last parallel session of the day addressed the question of identity in various ways. First with Bryony Leighton (Oxford), who explored the development of prosthetic design throughout the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries with her paper named 'You're made of metal: Where does the Fle Foot Cheetah running blade sit within … Continue reading ‘Modern Mobility & Identity’ – ASMCF/SSFH PG Study Day

‘Recording/Remembering Mobility’ -ASMCF/SSFH PG Study Day

The panel 'Recording/remembering mobility' had a further common theme of inclusion versus exclusion across different types of mobility. Antonia Wimbush's paper, 'Postcolonial mobility: Empowerment of exile' focused on Véronique Tadjo, an Ivoirian writer and lecturer born in Paris, a Fulbright scholar with a Sorbonne doctorate. Antonia showed how Tadjo, a cosmopolitan writer, experienced a sense of exclusion … Continue reading ‘Recording/Remembering Mobility’ -ASMCF/SSFH PG Study Day

‘Mobility Politics’ – ASMCF/SSFH PG Study Day

I thoroughly enjoyed chairing the panel on ‘mobility politics’, which examined the diverse political, cultural, and religious dimensions of mobility in a range of historical and geographical contexts. The papers all spoke to each other well, with similar themes emerging: political inclusion, citizenship, belonging, and identity. However, the papers examined migration from different perspectives: geographical, … Continue reading ‘Mobility Politics’ – ASMCF/SSFH PG Study Day

‘Mobility and Mental health’ – ASMCF/SSFH PG Study Day

At the ASMCF-SSFH PG Study Day, the panel entitled ‘Mobility and Mental health’ approached the topic of the study day through three rich papers that considered movement in relation to various aspects and concepts of mental illness. The first paper was given by Catherine Annabel (Sheffield) who examined the less discussed figure of the driven … Continue reading ‘Mobility and Mental health’ – ASMCF/SSFH PG Study Day

Mobilising Research beyond the Academy

The second of three professional development sessions at the ASMCF-SSFH Postgraduate Study Day 2017 consisted of two papers reflecting on the theme of impact and engagement through research on French literature, history, and culture. We heard from Kate Astbury, Associate Professor and Reader at Warwick University, and Gill Allwood, Professor of Gender Politics at Nottingham … Continue reading Mobilising Research beyond the Academy

Liam Innis on Flora Tristan – Brian Darling Memorial Prize

Many congratulations to Liam Innis who won the Brian Darling Memorial Prize, a prize awarded for an undergraduate essay or dissertation of distinction, which may treat any theme relevant to the Association's concerns (for more information see http://www.asmcf.org/funding/). Here is his prize-winning entry: 'Discuss how Flora Tristan blazed a trail among utopian socialists in her … Continue reading Liam Innis on Flora Tristan – Brian Darling Memorial Prize

Thinking Work / Penser le travail: The London Postgraduate French Conference

At the annual London Postgraduate French conference ‘Thinking Work / Penser le travail’, held on Friday 4th November 2016 at the Institute of Modern Languages Research at the University of London, the organizers (Ben Dalton – KCL; Kate Foster – KCL; Adina Stroia – KCL) invited postgraduate students conducting research within the area of French … Continue reading Thinking Work / Penser le travail: The London Postgraduate French Conference