ASMCF-SSFH PG Study Day 2017: Mobility/Immobility Programme

9.30 – Registration and Coffee

10.15 – Welcome

10.30 – Professional Development Session: Funding roundtable

Dr David Hopkin (Oxford)
Dr Ewa Szypula (KCL/Nottingham)
Dr Katherine Shingler (Nottingham)
Dr Laura O’Brien (Northumbria)

11.15 – Coffee

11.30 – Professional Development Session: Mobilising research beyond the Academy

Dr Kate Astbury (Warwick)
Prof Gill Allwood (Nottingham Trent)

12.15 – French collections at the British Library

Ms Teresa Vernon

13.00 – Lunch

13.45 – Keynote: ‘Moving on, looking back: the journey of French from Paris to Quebec’

Dr Olivia Walsh (Nottingham)

14.45 – Session 1a – Mobility & mental health

Catherine Annabel (Sheffield) – ‘Fugueurs and flaneurs’

Benjamin Dalton (KCL) – ‘Michael Haneke’s Neuro-architectures: Amour and the plasticity of confinement’

Matthew Chan (Oxford) – ‘Lines of drift, lines of flight: Ideas of motion in Fernan Deligny, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, 1968-1980’

Session 1b – Mobility politics

Jonathan Harris (Cambridge) – ‘Neither here nor there; Amazigh Indigeneity/Autochtonie and the politics of diaspora in contemporary France’

Avner Ofrath (Oxford) – ‘Mobility and its limits in the colonial order: Reform plans in Algeria 1914-37’

Giovanni Cavaggion (Piemonte Orientale) – ‘Multiculturalism and freedom of religion: The Italian approach to the burqini case’

16.15 – Coffee

16.30 – Session 2a – Recording/remembering mobility

Antonia Wimbush (Birmingham) – ‘Postcolonial mobility: Empowerment or Exile?’

Fabienne Cheung (Manchester) – ‘Récits d’Ellis Island: Georges Perec’s migratory journey’

Fanny Louvier (Oxford) – ‘Je faisais manger à mes parents des mets qu’ils ne connaissaient pas: Food and mobility in French female servants’ autobiographies, 1900-40′

Session 2b – Modern mobility & identity

Bryony Leighton (Oxford) – ‘You’re made of metal: Where does the Fle Foot Cheetah running blade sit within the narratives of disabled identity’

Clíona Hensey (NUI Galway) – ‘”Au désert j’ai dû me rendre”: The desert as hybrid space of mobility and immobility in Zahia Rahmani’s Musulman: Roman.’

Emma Humphries (Nottingham) – ‘Observations from the Twitterverse: Lay portrayals of the standard on Francophone Twitter’

18.00 – Flash presentations

Alizée Cordes (Blaise-Pascal Clermont-Ferrand), Martin Parsons (Nottingham Trent), Nicola Pearson (Bristol/Bath), Emily Hooke (Southampton)

18.30 – Drinks Reception

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